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Life Of Pie

May 14, 2015.

Assalamualaikum as my first word. Hi to all of you. I think my last entry was the finger style guitar entry right? I had deleted the video because of my personal reasons. Okay can we just forget it? Okay thank you.

Since I updated the blog, I mean the background, header, biodata on the right and anything else, I think I should make new entry for the opening new blog skins! Yahoo! My Life Of Pie was really difficult. But Alhamdulillah Allah eased it. After result SPM were released and each of SPM leavers maybe getting flying colours or not so well maybe? What about me? I'm quite okay with my result, better than expected! Syukur. About how many As just don't ask me 😂

After that, what should I do next with the result? Further studies of course. choose the path we should think better right? It was really hard to think maybe where should I go to univeraity or matriculation college or non-goverment university. Absolutely I asked my parents first to hear their opinions. Yeah their opinions were the best among the best. Getting the barakah is more important than anything.

Course that I choose is Accountancy. Why Accountancy? Why don't you choose law or medic or dentist or teacher? My answer is perfectly no for science course. Not because I hate blood, I am just cannot getting along with the subject or doctor-to-be occupation. Although I wear the 'doctor coat' when doing experiments at school lab,  I was still wanted to get out of there. Maybe it was too complicated. My heart was like 'Say no to biology no to doctor....bla bla bla.' If you want to be a doctor than go for it! I could be really happy for you that can 'get along' with the subject.

Time goes on.... I was searching, getting opinions from others, and many more! Finally, I had founded it! But still hard to choose. This two courses was only my last choice; Accountancy and Bussiness Studies. I think I love money haha. Its getting really hard to choose when I received offer Diploma in Accountancy from Kolej University Islam Melaka and Kolej Poly-tech Mara Bangi. While UiTM Lendu offering me Diploma in Bussiness Studies and Melaka Matriculation College offered me course Account too but fast track. Only 1 year.

Yeah two courses was still in my mind. For those who was really hard to choose any courses, matriculation was the best choice. Easy! That was my choice! Okay pray for me for getting better result. 4.00 pointer was not easy, but try hard for it! May Allah eased this journey. A few days before go to the Melaka Matriculation College! Maybe I should fight for it? What am I talking about....nonsense.

Thank you for reading. Sorry for broken english.
Lots of love with regards,

Aina Athirah Anizat.

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